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Peter Grasso
Advice & discussion for the fishing enthusiast.

My Dad got me started salmon fishing back in the mid to late 60’s. This was before the age of "Downriggers" , "Fish Finders", Loran and GPS navigation units. We fished exclusively with leadcore line and most of the time we used live bait instead of lures. The trick was to learn how to sew these on the hooks. Needless to say, it was "hit and miss" most of the time but we did catch some real nice fish.

Over time, I became pretty proficient at this and in the early 70’s we saw the advent of downriggers (miniature cranes, as one of my friends described them) that enabled us to engage in "controlled depth" fishing with light line. About the same time, the "flasher" depth finders hit the market. These two items opened up a whole new world of fishing for me.

Having been a big game hunter and taking a number of guide trips, I began thinking of doing the same on a part time basis. At that time I was practicing retail pharmacy and had my own drugstore, so time off was a luxury.

In any case, I was already a licensed NH guide, taking clients out for Bear & Bobcat and decided to drop the hunting and concentrate on fishing.

Finally, about 1983, I sold the pharmacy and moved to the Lakes Region and began guiding full time for a couple of summers. This enabled me to gradually build up a good client list.

As time went on, I was approached to join the "Pro Staff" for a number of tackle companies, some of which I am still with today (Cortland Line, Luhr Jensen and Walker Downriggers).

When I began working for the state, 1985, I went back to guiding "part-time" and concentrated on "ice-out" spring salmon fishing as a specialty. Each year I take the 3 weeks after ice out off from work and book up two charters a day. However, I do guide ALL season long.

In 1987 I began spending 1 to 2 weeks fishing for King Salmon on Lake Ontario and over the last 19 year have honed my skills at catching these freshwater giants. I have also developed some very cherished relationships with a number of charter boat captains out of the Little Salmon River in Mexico, NY.

One of the aspects of the charter business that I really enjoy is having the youngsters on board. They are the fishermen of the future. I also enjoy teaching both the adults and kids how to fish for spring salmon….Every day is different and over the years have made a lot of friends from doing the charters. Many of my clients book aboard year after year, even thought they can fish on their own very successfully. We do have fun!

As I look back over my articles for the "Times", it appears that I have been doing this for about 14 years and love every minute of it. Shortly after I began providing articles for the "Times", I became an active member of the New England Outdoor Writers Assn. (NEOWA). I try to provide articles for publication every other week but often, my work schedule and personal commitments put time constrains on my ability to sit down and "dribble" out a few words of wit. However, it is quite refreshing to have people, on the street, approach me and tell me how much they enjoy reading them.




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