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Niel Young
Working to preserve the American way of life.

Niel Young has been writing the "Advocates For Honest and Open Government" in The Weirs Times since 1993 when he was a Laconia City Councilor. Niel tackles all of the tough political issues in the State of New Hampshire, taking to task people, groups or local officials who refuse to come clean with information required by the public to make an informed evaluation. Niel makes it a point to "report the facts and when the facts seem unavailable, ask questions."

Niel took The Advocates to the airwaves in 1997 on WEZS1350AM. Two years in a row he won the prestigious "Golden Mike" Award.

"The Advocates" has recently expanded to three hours (8:05-11am) every Saturday morning and can be accessed via the Internet at WEZS.com.


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