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Mal Fuller
Rambling Through History
History & observations on the passing scene.

Mal was born near Plymouth Rock in the 20th century.  Reluctantly, he tagged along with his parents as his father’s career with the Ford Motor Company moved them about the country.  Mal has one sister who is much older than he is.  Mal and his parents moved from Massachusetts to New York State, to Michigan, to Massachusetts (again) to Michigan (again) and finally to Illinois, moving five times in six years.  As a consequence, Mal’s education was nearly useless.

Each summer for eight years Mal enjoyed summer camp at North Woods Camp which is still situated on Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire.  Because no one told Mal about New Hampshire winters and mud-season, he moved to Wolfeboro, New Hampshire at age 21 and bought an ancient Cape Cod House.  There he raised four boys and one girl.  He still lives in the same house today.  Some of his children have moved on.

Mal has written for the Weirs Times since 1995.  So far, in the years he’s been in New Hampshire he’s been in the TV business, owned a bowling alley and operated an automotive repair garage.  He enjoys his antique radio hobby and his writing.



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