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Brendan Smith
A F.O.O.L. In NH.
A Unique Take on NH and the World

Brendan Smith moved to New Hampshire from Long Island, New York in 1985.

His first ten years were spent learning to adjust to life here in Central New Hampshire, the last seventeen have been spent writing about his adventures and misadventures for the Weirs Times as a "Flatlander" - From "Raking The Roof" to "A Day At The Dump" and everything in between. In 1997 after being a contributor to the Weirs Times for many years, Brendan came to work for the Weirs Times and is now the editor.

Among his "Flatlander" accomplishments: he started the group F.A.T.S.O. (Flatlanders Adjusting to Solitary Oblivion) a winter support group for new transplants; he has run for Governor of New Hampshire under The Flatlander Ticket and has entertained groups and organizations around the state with his speaking.

Brendan'sweekly "F.O.O.L. in New Hampshire" column now takes a tongue-in cheek view on anything and everything that has to do with New Hampshire, The Country and the world. He has also published his first book "The Flatlander Chronicles".

Brendan lives in Laconia with his wife, Kimberly.




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